Prostate Edge™ - Prostate Support Supplement for Men - 2 oz

Prostate Edge™ Is Ideal For:

  • Reducing daytime and nighttime bathroom trips*
  • Giving your bladder extra support during those bathroom visits*
  • Giving you that "Ahhhhh" feeling when you’re done*
  • Improving urine flow and comfort*
  • Supporting an aging prostate with anti-inflammatory properties*

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  • Why Prostate Edge™ is More “Highly Recommended”

    Have you ever wondered what kind of herbal extracts natural health doctors take for their own aging prostate?

    If you have lost count the number of times you have gone to the bathroom today, and you don’t even remember the last time you had a good orgasm, then you don’t want just any kind of a non-drug prostate aid.

    You want Grade A quality herbal extracts that many natural health doctors and “those in the know” take for their own prostate.

    • Prostate Edge™ is easier and faster to take than hard to swallow pills, capsules or tablets
    • Large 2 oz bottle allows you to get more bang for your buck
    • Has prostate promoting properties from “clean” herbs to help with frequent nightly trips to the bathroom
    • Anti-inflammatory support when you need it the most. Like, Right Now Support!

    How Can Prostate Edge™ Help You?

    The carefully selected botanical ingredients for the patented formula were chosen because of their incredible positive results for giving you the support you need for an aging prostate. The evidence to support these claims is fascinating and in particular the results when combining these highly recommended ingredients.

    All of our products are FREE of GMO's, soy, sugar, wheat, preservatives, additives, gluten and alcohol.

    And, your rights are shielded by our 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely thrilled with Prostate Edge, you will get back every cent, no questions asked.


    • Pygeum Bark
    • Turmeric Root
    • Saw Palmetto Berry
    • Stinging Nettle Leaf
    • Hydrangea Root
    • Damiana Leaf
    • Couchgrass Rhizome
    • Olive Leaf
    • Kelp
    • Cornsilk
    • Prickly Ash Bark

  • SUGGESTED USE: 1/4 teaspoon (25-30 drops) 1 to 3 times a day for 2 or more weeks each month. For more support, double the amount taken. Shake Well.

  • FAQ:

    Q: What makes this sweet? Sugar is not listed in the ingredients, but it is sweet.
    A: None of our products contain sugar. The sweetness in Prostate Edge™ comes from the vegetable glycerin.

    Q: How natural is this? Is it all non-synthetic ingredients?
    A: Our ingredients are organic and/or wild harvested.

    Q: Are there any ingredients imported from China? How natural is this? Is it all non-synthetic ingredients?
    A: No. All of our ingredients are from the good ol’ US of A!

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