So what’s my story?Pretty much like yours. Most of you, anyway.I learned that I was iodine deficient several years ago. After much research, I found I wasn't the only one. According to the World Health Organization, it’s a serious health issue for roughly 2 billion people in the world.2 billion people! Who knew?!So that got me thinking. I wanted more health choices in my life other than just drugs and over the counter meds. I mean, don't we have that right? The way many doctors make it sound, there are no other choices.Of course there is a time and place for drugs, but for me, personally, there is no time or place.I also wanted products that got into the system a lot faster than pills, capsules and tablets. You've heard the ol’ saying: We are what we eat. Actually, we are what we absorb. And if we aren't absorbing enough nutrients from the food, and in an efficiently, timely manner, we can feel the consequences overtime.You know the feeling, right? Especially that tired feeling.And speaking of tired, I was tired of all the others supplements that were loaded with fillers, artificial colors, name it.I liked taking liquid supplements. However, most were alcohol based which made it tough to take straight out of the bottle (without getting that alcohol burn).This is when I decided to develop my own "alcohol free" liquid herbal supplements.I created Go Nutrients® because, simply put, I wanted an easier way to take Grade A quality supplements. The kind of supplements that have ingredients and herbs that natural health (naturopathic) doctors take for their own health issues.A good rule of (health) thumb to follow, and it should go on your refrigerator door: Take the same ingredients that natural (naturopathic) doctors take.

Go Nutrients Was Created For You

Go Nutrients was created for you, for all of us, because we truly care about what we put in our body. But health and wellness is all about "taking care" of each other anyway.At present, Go Nutrients is a leading online distributor of doctor-recommended herbal ingredients because we do everything it takes to ensure that whatever product you get from us still has all the amazing ingredients, active and primed, to provide real results.Also, our products are manufactured in FDA and GMP registered facilities!GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice – is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.Every product we sell is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee because we believe the only type of promise we make, is a promise we keep!Our goal is to educate the world about alternative therapies and remedies for what ails them.What ails you?If you have any questions or if there is a nutrient and/or herb you would like for us to carry, please let us know.To your good health!

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