Q: What are the directions for taking Vitamin B12?

A: Take 1/4 teaspoon (25-30 drops) under the tongue. Hold for 15 seconds then swallow. Use once daily on an empty stomach in the morning or early afternoon. 

Warning: Consult with your doctor before using if you are pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children.

Q: Does this product contain folic acid?

A: No, our Vitamin B-12 supplement does not contain folic acid.

Q: Does this product contain methylcobalamin vs cyanocobalamin?

A: Our Vitamin B12 contains methylcobalamin.

Q: What is the source of this form of B-12?

A: Our Vitamin B-12 is a byproduct of microbial activity which is left behind in the soil. Microbes are tiny creatures also known as bacteria (the good kind), archaea, fungi, and protists. Many natural health doctors, including biologists, would say that this is the best source for getting B-12.

Q: How many doses per bottle, and how long does a bottle last?

A: There are 48 servings/doses per bottle (one serving per day) so the bottle will last 48 days.

Q: This product tastes sweet, but there are no added sweeteners. Where does the sweetness come from?

A: It may be coming from the vegetable glycerin, which has some sweetness.

Q: Can children take your Vitamin B-12?

A: Our Vitamin B12 is safe for children, however we recommend consulting with your pediatrician for the correct dosage.

Q: Is it safe to give Vitamin B-12 to pets?

A: It is safe to give our Vitamin B-12 product to dogs, cats, and horses. We recommend checking with your veterinarian for the correct dosage.