Q: What are the directions for taking Iodine Edge??

A: Take six drops daily or as directed by your physician.

Q: How is this different from Lugol's Solution 5%? 

A: Nascent iodine is iodine in its atomic rather than its molecular form. It is an iodine atom that has an incomplete number of electrons meaning it can hold an electromagnetic charge.

It has a large energy release when consumed because energy is saved. Also, it is recognized by the body as the same iodine that is produced by the thyroid so it is absorbed effortlessly by the body.

Q: How much Iodine are you getting per drop and how much Iodine is in the bottle total in mgs?

A: After some heavy math, you are getting: roughly 449 micrograms in each drop, 2694 micrograms which equals 2.694 milligrams per serving/6 drops. For adults older than 19 (including pregnant and breastfeeding): 1,100 mcg/ 1.1 milligrams per day is the recommended daily amount. Info from: 2014 University of Maryland Medical Center. 269.4 milligrams per bottle or 100 servings.

Q: Is there any magnesium stearate or sodium benzoate in this product?

A: Iodine Edge does not contain magnesium stearate or sodium benzoate. Our ingredients are Nascent Iodine, vegetable glycerin and purified water.

Q: Where does the vegetable glycerin come from?

A: It comes from either palm or coconut oil.

Q: Does this product have an unappealing aftertaste?

A: Not according to our customers. In fact, they can’t taste it when mixed with their coffee or juice. Taking it straight has a mild taste.

Q: Nascent Iodine or Kelp Supplement? I can't decide between taking this iodine supplement or taking a kelp supplement. I do not have health issues. 

A: The choice is yours. If you take a kelp supplement, your body will need time to break it down. If you take Iodine Edge, your body absorbs more iodine and at a quicker rate.