Intestinal Edge™

The Ultimate Parasite Cleanse To Reclaim Your Health

$ 26.95

Where Nature Meets Science for Ultimate Gut Health

Unlock a life free from the clutches of intestinal parasites. Let the nurturing embrace of natural ingredients guide you back to optimal health.

Why Choose Intestinal Edge™?


No Artificial Sweeteners

No Preservatives

Scientifically Backed

GMP Certified

Third Party Lab Tested

The Wholesome Benefits

Restorative Release

Harness the potent power of Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood Leaf to gently expel harmful parasites, cleansing your system for a revitalized feeling.

Digestive Harmony

Orange Peel and Gentian Root work harmoniously to nurture your digestive tract, easing discomfort and promoting regularity.

Soothing Embrace

Lavender Flower's calming essence aids in reducing anxiety and stress, promoting peaceful sleep and serene well-being.

Natural Defense Boost

Strengthen your body's innate defenses with the antimicrobial properties of Clove Bud and Tansy Herb, fostering resilience against external invaders.

Holistic Rejuvenation

Experience a full-body revival. From clearer skin to increased energy, allow nature's finest to bring you back to your harmonious state of health.

Real Reviews, Real Results

"Since using Intestinal Edge, my body feels revitalized and my nights are calm. It's a transformative experience in a bottle."

Sophie T., Registered Nurse

"Within weeks of Intestinal Edge, my energy surged and digestion improved. It's nature's best defender."

Liam J., Nutritionist

"Juggling life felt draining, but Intestinal Edge brought back my energy and harmony. Truly, a holistic miracle."

Maria K., School Teacher

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John J., School Teacher

The Secret Sauce

Our Ingredients

Black Walnut Hull

A powerhouse of antifungal properties to kick those parasites goodbye!

Orange Peel

Loaded with antioxidants for better immunity and digestion.

Lavender Flower

Not just a pretty smell; it reduces stress and even fights inflammation.

Clove Bud

Your dental issues have met their match! Also, enjoy reduced inflammation.

Gentian Root

The digestive hero you've been waiting for

Wormwood Leaf/Stem

Used for ages to tackle parasites and improve liver health.

Tansy Herb

Wave goodbye to flatulence and stomach cramps.

Our Guarantee

We're so confident in Intestinal Edge™, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. Why? Because we know it works!


What is Intestinal Edge, and how does it work?

Intestinal Edge is a liquid parasite cleansing supplement designed to help expel intestinal parasites and improve digestive health. It contains a blend of natural ingredients like black walnut hull, orange peel, lavender flower, and more, known for their antiparasitic, antimicrobial, and digestive health benefits.

What types of parasites can Intestinal Edge help eliminate?

Intestinal Edge targets a wide array of parasites, including roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, amoebas, Giardia, various worms, and even liver flukes. Its carefully selected ingredients work together to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract of parasites, larvae, and eggs.

How should I take Intestinal Edge for the best results?

For optimal results, add 50 drops (1/2 tsp) to 8oz of water or take directly in the mouth 2 to 3 times a day on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before eating. Follow a 3-week intake cycle, discontinue for a week, and then resume regularly for another 3 weeks.

Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of?

Consult your physician before using Intestinal Edge if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medications. Keep the product out of reach of children to ensure their safety.

What are the benefits of choosing liquid drops over pills?

Liquid supplements like Intestinal Edge offer increased absorption, customizable dosing, quick and convenient intake, improved digestive comfort, versatile application, and enhanced nutrient bioavailability compared to pills.

What makes Intestinal Edge stand out from other supplements?

Intestinal Edge is unique because it is third-party tested, produced in a GMP-certified facility, fast-absorbing, GMO-free, alcohol-free, scientifically backed, and free from additives like gluten, corn, sugar, soy, dairy, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors.

Is Intestinal Edge suitable for everyone?

While Intestinal Edge is designed to be suitable for most adults, it's alcohol-free and free from common allergens, making it ideal for various lifestyles and beliefs. However, individuals with specific health conditions or those pregnant or nursing should consult a healthcare professional before use.

Can I expect any side effects when taking Intestinal Edge?

Some individuals may experience a "die-off" effect, where symptoms temporarily worsen as parasites die and release toxins. This can include fatigue, headaches, digestive discomfort, and skin reactions. These symptoms are typically short-lived and can be managed with proper hydration and rest.

What if I'm not satisfied with Intestinal Edge?

We stand behind our product with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with Intestinal Edge for any reason, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund.

Do you recommend a specific diet to use or avoid?

We do not recommend a specific diet when taking Intestinal Edge. However, many of our customers have achieved great results by eating a diet that eliminates or lowers the consumption of sugars, high carbohydrates, and processed foods.

Do I need to take a binder with this product?

Some people have had great success taking a binder (such as activated charcoal), however it is not necessary.

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Katy J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

It works

After using intestinal edge for 3 days I had visible worms in my stool and stones. I'm so happy I got this and will be buying more for me and my family

Michelle S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best health ever

Loved how my body felt and cleansed will be re purchasing and continuing my journey to a better me

Beverly S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Excellent Parasites Cleanse

Easy to take and it works!!

Beverly S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Excellent Parasite Cleanse

Easy to take and works!!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Feeling Better Soon!!

1st day using the new product looking forward to great results!!!

Roxana D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

It works!

The taste might be a bit strong for some but I enjoy it. Helped me pass liver flukes and other parasites

Diana M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great product

I don’t know if this is helping but my son’s blood sugar is in normal range and didn’t need insulin for 3 days now. Results are seen after 5 days.

Lidia L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Works for me

I like this product because I do feel a positive effect on my overall health from it. It has all good ingredients and the taste is nice.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Incredible supplement

In August of 2023 I had an ACL reconstruction, and in October 2023 I had to have a manipulation. My knee scarred hard and being on pain pills for 2-3 months straight really messed with my digestive system, along with not being able to walk for almost 6 months due to the scar tissue. I was getting severe stomach pain, gas and bloating which is very abnormal for me. I felt heavy, like I couldn’t get my body “empty”, I started getting headaches and felt sick for months after surgery. After taking this supplement for even 2 days my symptoms faded, I could digest with ease, my skin has cleared, and I wake up feeling like myself again. I can sleep normally again without constant waking, and I feel like this supplement has helped the inflammation in my knee, as well as my entire body. I would 100% recommend this supplement to anyone.

Sarah D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Recommend for gut health

This is my first use. I am following a full moon protocol and it seems to be doing its job, as I’ve passed some parasites already. Looking forward to ongoing use and working toward a healthier gut.