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Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Have Any Health Benefits

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Have Any Health Benefits

What is a pink Himalayan salt lamp?

It is not your typical lamp to provide lighting for the room.  The salt lamp generally uses a low wattage light bulb. Some would refer to this lamp as simply decorative that emit a warm glow.  However, they are widely used for various health and environment benefits.  

The Himalayan salt lamp is just as described.  A lamp created from that particular form of salt.  Some are large pieces that are hollowed out with a bulb placed inside.  Others are more decorative. Several pieces of the pink mineral are placed in a container and lit with a bulb from behind or beneath.  Either way the same effects are achieved.  

How do these lamps work?

A light bulb will warm the Himalayan salt.  One step in the process occurs during this warming when it purifies the air.  

Studies show that salt absorbs water molecules from the air. This builds up over time if the crystals are not warmed and kept dry.  The warming releases the negative ions into the surrounding air.  

These are the same ones found in natural environments like waterfalls, oceans and other bodies of water.   Even that relaxing shower after a long day has more benefits you realized when it produces negative ions.  

This process is thought to clean the air.  When the water is absorbed, it may include small amounts of pollutants from the air.  These could contain a variety of air pollutants like mold and allergens. The pollutants are trapped in the lamp while cleaned air is released back into the environment.  

Do Himalayan salt lamps help?  Various claims are made as to how this pink mineral improves the environment. Negative air ionization is one. Some people believe it simply absorbs pollutants. 

If you are going to use these lamps, do your research.  Consider how many you need to reach an ideal benefit  

Are there fake Himalayan salt lamps?

Not all are created equal.  An authentic lamp will be sourced from a salt mine in Pakistan.  The salt located there is rich in minerals.  

Sometimes you may come across what seems like a great deal but it’s just a fake.  The most common version is a pink selenite lamp. Believe it or not, some manufacturers even try to sell plastic versions.  One easy way to decide if it’s real is check where it came from. The best salts come from the northern mountain region of Pakistan mountains.  

What are the possible health benefits of using Himalayan salt lamps?

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Have Any Health Benefits

As we covered above, the lamps produce improved air quality.   The full beneficial effects are unknown but many believe these lamps are little glowing magnets for bad stuff in our environment.  

Improved Air Quality:

During the warming process negative air ions are released into the air.  Cleaner air equals better overall health. Many aspects of your health benefit.  Improved energy, Immune and respiratory systems, are just a few benefits of clean air.  

Improved Respiratory Functions:

Medical issues like asthma, cystic fibrosis and allergies are a few that are thought to improve with the use of Himalayan salt lamps.  Research is limited as the validity of these claims. In ancient times patients with respiratory difficulties spent time in salt caves.  Afterwards, their symptoms were improved.  

Improved Mood:

One study found that improved cognitive function happened when volunteers were exposed to a room with higher levels of air ions. (1)

Research is ongoing to determine possible links between mood and increased negative or positive air ions.  One study has found a relationship between increased use of Himalayan salt lamps and decreased depressive symptoms. (2)  

Are Himalayan salt lamps safe?

Yes, they are but it is always important to be well-informed.  As with most things, supervision around children is advised. No, the lamp itself will not harm them.  Excessively licking the lamp is not wise, and we all know some kids would give it a try!  

Pets are another aspect when thinking safety.  Veterinarians are warning of the danger these pink salt lamps pose to our pets; particularly cats.  One cat in New Zealand nearly lost its life due to salt poisoning. (3)